Singer Futura CE-250 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

Singer Futura CE-250 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
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I purchased this machine because I wanted to learn to do machine embroidery and didn't want to spend a fortune. I think it is an excellent value. It seems very solid and sewed beautifully with no adjustments straight out of the box. There are sensors in the thread path that are very sensitive and incorrectly report broken thread quite often. As soon as I got the hang of flossing the thread into the sensors this became less of a problem. There are several yahoo groups dedicated to machine embroidery and the nice people there were of great assistance to me as I got started.
Folks like me who are new to machine embroidery should understand that the sewing machine must be physically attached to a computer while you are embroidering. The soft ware running the computer sends the information to the sewing machine one color at a time so don't think that you can download the design and then sew it out later. You are going to need a computer to run the embroidery feature of this machine. I'm using an old computer that was discarded at my office because it was too slow to run large office programs over a network. I took all the other software off and it runs the Future software just fine. If you are going to need to acquire a computer to run your embroidery machine you should consider that cost along with the price of the Futura.
Thread is the paint of embroidery and since it is different than regular thread you are also going to have to make an investment in thread to get started. The price of a spool can vary greatly but if you buy a bunch at one time it can be pricy so think about this to when deciding to make the plunge into machine embroidery.
The difference between the Futura 250 and the Futura 350 is the software. If you plan to create your own embroidery designs you should know that only the basic software comes with the 250 but you can purchase the full software separately. Making clip art into machine embroidery is much more difficult than I first thought and to run the Futura software the sewing machine must be connected to the computer even if you are just working on the design and not doing the actual sewing. There are other software packages that do not have this requirement. You could use them to make the art into embroidery files but you will still need to be connected to your Futura to stitch them out.
I am extremely happy with this product and would recommend it to other people like me who just want to have some fun and spice up their craft and sewing projects. If you are looking to do embroidery professionally then purchase a higher priced and faster machine.

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Ideal for both sewing and embroidery, this easy-to-use machine provides an array of convenient features. As a fully electronic sewing machine, it supplies 100 stitch options, including six styles of one-step buttonholes with pre-programmed, yet adjustable, stitch settings, plus it offers a one-touch selector button for 11 of the most common stitches. It can even sew up to 600 stitches per minute. The unit also comes with electronic stitch control for precise results, an automatic needle threader, drop feed, a top drop-in bobbin with a see-through cover, needle up/down selector, twin needle control, 13 needle positions, and more.
The sewing machine can also be used as an embroidery machine when hooked up to a PC, making embroidering as effortless as clicking the mouse. To use, simply download the included Windows-compatible software to your computer, layout and edit your designs, then download them to the embroidery machine using the provided USB cable. A built-in tutorial, 120 embroidery designs, and five popular fonts are included, as well as AutoPunch software for converting a wide variety of graphic files into embroidery designs (designs can also be downloaded from the Internet or CD collections) and two embroidery hoops--a large 4-1/2-by-6-3/4-inch hoop and a smaller 3-1/8-by-4-3/4-inch hoop.
Other highlights include access to Live Software updates for up-to-date information, an LCD display, optimum power control, and built-in accessory storage. Accessories include class 15J bobbins, a general-purpose foot (zigzag foot), an embroidery/darning foot, a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot, a button sewing foot, a special-purpose foot, and a blindstitch hem foot, as well as needles, a buttonhole opener/brush, a small and large screwdriver, a special screwdriver, a small and large spool cap, a foot control/power cord, and a user manual. With its durable, aluminum frame, the all-in-one embroidery/sewing machine measures approximately 17 by 11 by 12 inches and carries a 25-year limited warranty.

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